Other Boats & Services

  • Motor Boats (Kera OT-1)

    Motor boat in Alleppey, Kerala is another type of boat which is totally different from a traditional Kerala houseboat and used as mode of transport in place of a Car.

  • Canoeing Boats (Kera OT-2)

    Canoeing is an art of propelling yourself in the boat with a single-bladed paddle, under your own power.

  • Shikara Boats (Kera OT-3)

    Shikara relatively small boats compare to humongous houseboat is an ecological product of Kerala, introduced much before an arrival of home vessel.

  • Speed Boats (Kera OT-4)

    You can choose either a windy ride across the backwaters in a speed boat or a leisurely cruise on the backwaters in a house-boat